Toronto ATM owner wins nearly $2 million at World Poker Tournament in Las Vegas

Toronto’s Davidson Matthew is $1,903,950 richer, after coming in second at the World Poker Tournament at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. This tournament is regarded as the most prestigious in the world next to the World Series of Poker Main event.

Matthew, who is known as “ATMKing” because he is president of a Toronto- based ATM company, qualified for the tournament through a $25 satellite tournament win on allowing him to head to Las Vegas to take on some of his poker idols. The unknown Matthew beat all but one of the renowned poker superstars!

Matthew began playing poker in February of 2004 and shifted his focus to online poker at in September of that year so he could play at his own convenience. His play on earned him a trip to play with the “Who’s Who” of the poker world including poker legends like Doyle Brunson, Phil Hellmuth, Johnny Chan, and young superstar Phil Ivey.

“I was honoured to play with these players. Everywhere I looked there were faces I had seen on TV,” said Matthew. “I approached the tournament in a businesslike manner, my initial goal was to win $46,000, but as I advanced round after round I readjusted my expectations, and by the end I was going for it all!”

Down to the final two, Matthews faced local Las Vegas threat, Joseph Bartholdi. With just his wife there to cheer him on and his opponent boasting an entourage, Matthew (the button) led off and Bartholdi (big blind) checked behind him. The flop came up ace of hearts, nine of clubs and eight of hearts. Bartholdi checked, Matthew bet $800,000, Bartholdi raised to $2 million. At that point Matthew grabbed all of his chips and moved all-in. Bartholdi called.

Matthew showed the ten and four of hearts for a flush draw. Bartholdi showed a nine of diamonds and a five of hearts for a pair of nines. The turn revealed a two of diamonds and the river the ace of diamonds giving Bartholdi the win with two pairs.

With his winnings, Williams plans to pay off some debts and embark on a professional poker career.

Online Casino Betfair Embraces PayPal

Premier online casino Betfair has entered into an agreement with PayPal, the global leader in online financial transactions. The new arrangement will enable citizens of the European Union to use PayPal as a payment and reception method in transactions with Betfair. Casino players will be able to pay and withdraw from their online accounts in real time. Betfair, already housing a large share of European online casino players, expects its fortunes to rise as a result of the new deal.

In a press release, PayPal’s Chief Executive, Geoff Iddison, announced that “PayPal may be best known as the preferred payment method for eBay customers. This is another example of the PayPal system being used by merchants to develop their online business.”

The online casino’s European members will also have the added options of using credit and debit cards, or using the existing money in their PayPal accounts. They will also be able to withdraw their winnings directly into their PayPal accounts.

“It is a significant step for Betfair to be the first online gambling company approved by PayPal Europe. This will undoubtedly also give us access to a large and growing base of experienced online users,” said Mark Davies, Betfair’s Chief Executive.

New Tequila Poker Game Heats Up Kiwi Casino

(PRWEB) April 25, 2006 — Tequila Poker’s the newest game at Kiwi Casino (, and it’s heating up the casino lobby already. The exciting new table game combines elements of Blackjack and Five Card Poker — and has many players on the edge of their seats strategizing their next hand.

«Online casino players are really going to enjoy this game,» replied the Kiwi Casino spokesperson when asked about the new game. «With Tequila Poker’s mixture of five-card poker and Blackjack, they find this game intriguing, particularly the poker players.»

Tequila poker’s a very easy game to pick up. Players are dealt four cards. Once they decide whether they want to go for a Tequila Poker (poker hand) or High Tequila (high point total hand), the player is dealt another two cards. The final hand is made up of the five best cards out of six.

The game’s being described by its fans as ‘poker with a twist’. And the Kiwi Casino Tequila Game Table even has a little tequila twist to it. The standard green and red table has big bright yellow ‘Tequila Poker’ written in the middle, complete with a sombrero topping the ‘A’ in tequila.

The Kiwi Casino spokesperson went on to say, «The addition of Tequila Poker is part of our commitment to the Kiwi Casino players to add a new casino game every month. Tequila poker joins Kiwi Casino’s growing number of games including a variety of progressive games, table games, video slots, arcade games and regular slots – with a total of over 80 games now!»

Kiwi Casino ( is a reputable online casino with outstanding service, great game selection and a commitment to keep online gambling fresh. All these combined elements along with its reputation to listen to their players keep online casino regulars flocking back to Kiwi Casino. As an added incentive, Kiwi Casino players receive up to $300 in Welcome Bonuses and up to $500 per month after that in preferred payment bonuses. Kiwi Casino players are also advised that if they ever have any questions they can always find professional support day or night via email, phone or live chat.

About Kiwi Casino:

Kiwi Casino is a member of an independent off shore operation which is part of the land based Christchurch Casino Group. This relationship brings with it over a decade of experience in the land based gaming industry and Kiwi Gaming’s five years online make it one of the industry’s pioneers.

As part of New Zealand’s most prestigious casino organization, Christchurch Casino Group ‘s land-based gaming and hospitality interests attract visitors from around the world including the United Kingdom, North America, Australia, Europe, Japan and Asia.

Make sense of the bonuses that online casinos toss around

As a new player, it is not easy to figure out the true value of the impressive figures that online casinos toss around to attract new players. One online casino, for instance, boldly announces that if you make a first deposit $500 you will get a Welcome Bonus of $800. How much money do you really get to play with and when can you withdraw it? One of the goals at the Gamblux portal and online gambling guide ( is to make sense of bonuses.

The answers are that you get a further $300 in your playing account on top of your own $500, but you can only withdraw money after you have wagered $10,400 — and that does not include certain casino games. Many people like to have an online gamble but they should do so with their eyes open, says Gamblux. This online casino guide devotes several pages to explaining the terminology and practices that surround online casino bonuses.

Israeli Politician’s Family Accused of Operating Illegal Casino Facilities

Likud Knesset Member Inbal Gavriely’s father Shoni, brother Shlomi, and uncle Reuben were arrested last week on suspicion of running illegal casino facilities, money laundering, and tax evasion. Police have been investigating all three suspects for over a year and found evidence that the Gavrielys and a partner had been running an Internet café chain, which operated as illegal casino dens.

The family is suspected of laundering their illegal casino profits in sums that reach over ten million shekels (over USD$2 million). When tax authority agents were ordered to search Shoni Gavriely’s house, his daughter declared the house belonged to her and that as a Knesset member, she had full immunity.

The three Gavriely family members currently remain under interrogation.

Illegal Casino Facilities Raided by Denver Police

Denver authorities recently raided numerous illegal casino facilities, with over 30 people being charged with illegal gambling. Most arrests and summons involved gamblers playing highroller Texas Hold’em poker games with stakes sometimes reaching $3,000 per hand, from which the illegal casino establishments took a generous cut.

Police has been investigating illegal gambling for a long period of time, during which undercover officers were able to attain membership and join games conducted by illegal casino facilities. Some of the charges include professional gambling.

Harrah’s Casino Launches Treasure Hunt for $1 Million

Harrah’s Entertainment is giving gamblers a once-in-a-lifetime chance of finding hidden treasure. The company has hidden a chest with a prize containing $1 million as part of its third Treasure Hunt promotion. The hunt will take place in Harrah’s various participating properties, including Bally’s Hotel & Casino, Caesars Palace Hotel & Casino, Flamingo, Harrah’s Las Vegas, Paris Casino, and Rio Casino.

According to the press release, “select customers who have won trips to Las Vegas in the property themed promotions will track down a series of treasure chests containing clues that will be scattered throughout the Strip at six Harrah’s-operated casinos.”

This is the third time Harrah’s Entertainment is holding such an event, but the first time it is held at casinos on the Vegas strip. Previous years’ hunts took place in the Nevada desert.

Ginny Shanks, senior vice president of brand management for Harrah’s, was quoted as saying that “[the] Treasure Hunt has been a customer favorite ever since we introduced it five years ago. Our customers love all things Vegas, so we’re thrilled to be bringing back this one-of-a-kind event right here on the famed Las Vegas Strip, incorporating stops at six Harrah’s [casinos]. There’s no question in my mind that this year’s Treasure Hunt will be the best yet.”

The $1 million prize award can be received as an annuity $50,000 for the next two decades, or as a discounted lump sum.